Development for Round 2 (cont)

After looking at developing the car to fix the cooling issues in ‘Development for Round 2‘ the front of the car had changed but not a grat deal. Focus has now moved to other parts of the car to try and improve the efficiency of the car.

The front and rear wings profile and AOA have been untouched through the testing phase.

After running some tests on a design concept called a ‘Vortex Cell’ in the diffuser the effects of which can be found here the rear of the car was changed by bringing the roof of the diffuser down and also lowering the top deck of the car to below the height of the suspension. this change has meant that to comply with the rules a cover has been designed for above the rear suspension.

The positioning of the exhaust has also had to be reconsidered because of changing the rear top deck. the exhaust has been relocated to exit above the gearbox behind the cockpit which seems to be a popular spot amongst the KVRC field. I have positioned the exhaust her and angled it up and out to hopefully blow the underside of the rear wing.

When looking at the surface pressure over the car from round on it showed that the rear part of the front wheel covers were causing drag with a large area of low pressure on the outside.

 Round 1  Round 2 Development
   This area has been reshaped and lengthened with the results showing a decrease in the low-pressure area on the outside of the car and also the area of the wheel pods closer to the cockpit has been opened up to allow more air to exit from the front diffuser area increasing downforce at the front of the car.  new wheel pods
  Similarly, the rear wheel pods have been redesigned with the main focus being on drag reduction, a smoother taper to the rear of the rear wheel pod and reshaping at the front to better match the airflow in the area and also to direct more air over the rear top deck of the car. new rear wheel pods
 surfacelic original wheel pods Surface Lic comparison of airflow differences between original and new wheel pods  surfaceliNewWheelPods0.3


Round 1 Results Round 2 Development
Total Drag (N): 2030.29 N
Total Downforce (N): -4666.32 N
Cd.A: 1.69 m2
Cl.A: -3.89 m2
COP (m):  1.491
Total Drag (N): 1896.73N
Total Downforce (N): -6157.72
Cd.A: 1.58 m2
Cl.A: -5.11 m2
COP (m): 1.60
 Official results  Local Light Results (No heat exchanger
in duct due to OCCFD Issues)

I have been unsuccessful in running OCCFD with the car separated into its individual parts so have to run the car as a whole so my testing results will be off from the official results.

The development work looks to have made improvements with the new rear end helping to shift the COP rearward closer to an ideal position of around 1.65m depending on the track. the changes to the wheel pods also seem to have done what I was hoping and lowered drag and helped extract air from the front diffuser.

I will be expecting that the official results may have higher drag figures once the heat exchanger is in the duct.