Development for Round 2

Development has started on the car for round 2.

Round 1 results showed that once again I was having cooling issues even after changing the design of the whole car to move the heat exchanges to the front of the car in the hope to benefit from the high-pressure zone at the front of the car.

After discussing the cooling issue with other teams competing in the KVRC competition the issue may not be on the intake side of the heat exchanger but in fact the exhaust side.

cooling slicex

It was pointed out that the duct leading air away from the heat exchanger may be causing a build-up of pressure due to the narrowing of the duct. it was also suggested to incline the heat exchanger forward rather than to the rear.

cooling intakeHXinclineoverhead cooling intakeHXincline

The opening and exit of the duct to the heat exchanger have both been opened up to help with the cooling issue. the shape of the front end of the car has also had to be changed slightly, due to the rules for KVRC we can not incline the heat exchanger any further forward. one issue that still remains that is of slight concern is the area where the foot box template occupies causing the duct work to have to narrow around this area.


Moving to the rear of the car another issue I have spotted is air exiting the diffuser has a large area of recirculation, it appears to be that the air exiting the rear wheel area is causing turbulence and causing the air to become detached from the rear of the rear wheel pod.

To combat this we have installed covers for the inside of the rear wheel arch and also a simple strake inboard of the rear wheel that is simply straight and extends all the way to the rear of the car.


Once we have been able to do some testing on these changes we may look to developing the diffuser area but for the time being testing will be run to try and get the cooling issue resolved.